Saturday, March 12, 2011


Mon post double take was most horrific - I ended mighty late with a freakin mort plus a possible presentation on pancreatitis (which the mo kindly prepared everything with thanks ;)) but in the end with help from the kind souls I was able to meet my best friend for dinner. Cant rem how our valentines have been over the last 13 years, can you, Kels? Picked Kels from blk 5 where she had to kill time talking to Jerry. Thanks always for waiting!!
Actually wanted to try Artichoke but they only had the Valentine's menu available, so I decided to try the American diner I was reading about in the Sunday times some time back - I keep thinking its Domanis (as in, the pasta place at Taka) but its not!! With the free pen they gave me at the end of the dinner I'd be able to recall the name better - Donoma (Keong Saik Road) - however Kelly managed to figure out the name and location of the place.
Keong Saik Road actually has parallel roads of which i was just here a week ago dining at Oso with short, and there's numerous pubs and drinking joints around...sleazy businesss...but still the place retains its old sch charm. Managed to parallel park next to a pub and walked one round to Keong saik where we saw many places we wanted to try (Nicholas, Pasta Inc, etc) and of cos, the institutional Tong Ya.
The restaurant was rather quiet and only a couple of tables were occupied so we easily got a space thought Kels did book. Cant believe they do not have a copy of that newspaper cutting (i only rem the surf and turf that was featured - which we didnt even order!).

All decked up for Valentine's day.

Cake like bread was warm and crumbly and delicious. Just like a home made butter cake.
Nachos was not in the right proportion as I'd like! Sometimes tradition precedes over innovation, like in this case. I'd like 80% nachos, 20 % filling and guacomole and sour cream, please. Not vice versa. It was like eating a taco pizza.
Reuben was delicious!! Thick and tall, stuffed with roast beef, onion and cheese. The line-up of fries reminds me loads of Iggy's burger's - except a much more generous portion than Iggy's famour tower of 4 fries.
Mac and Cheese again was not in the classic proportion of 60 % mac and 40 % cheese. The cheese I must say, didnt overwhelm the mac, but personally, I'd love it to overwhelm the pasta. Its powdered with cheese, and the liquid cheese was not drenching the mac. I guess I like things done....overwhelmingly.
Thanks for the GPS though I do prefer my own personal human GPS ;) food outings would never be the same without you anyway. We checked out the Popeye's and the alfresco bar near her place and its indeed damn chillaxing by the river. The next hangout place it shall be. Cant wait for the next posting with all our meals im looking forward to together!!
PS hope you like the agnes b!!

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