Friday, February 5, 2010

Adam Road Food Centre

Tuesday of week 2 at derm saw us going back to nuh for some card clinic with dr C Hia and dr Fr and it was rather uneventful save for 2 mvps back to back and getting echo tuts from the expert herself. Its amazing, the grace of paediatricians.
We attended C Ning's stroke tut too, with a grand total of 7 students turning up, im still pretty tickled about the way he teaches.

Ate lunch with Kels and Dedrick at Adam Road Food Centre - I had the Full House set from Selera Nasi Lemak. Love the texture of the rice. Swopped half the wing for a bergedil from Kelly's Otah set. The rice, as always is the bomb!! And the yummilicious sweet chilli.

Always have the cheng tng from round the corner. Kels' Ice Jelly and mine cheng tng, which I just had during dinner with Jacob just the other night.
We hurried back for the fungal derm lecture, and then back to tt to see many many effusions, and a gentleman who was so nice to let us see his hands, legs, and chest with different pathologies in each. Very very gracious person..
We adjourned to Mos Burger (Velocity) - there are 2 new burgers - I had the Triple Prawn Burger - lol, which I went back to the counter, cos i thought they gave me the wrong burger, cos i didnt see the tails - its actually a 3 prawns in a patty and it tastes really similar to a fish burger. The other new burger is the scallops in rice burger, which may be for another time. Kels had the Fish burger (cos scallops ran out) and Jacob had the spicy cheeseburger and his HUGE peach tea.
Dragged them to Udders for ICECREAM!! We had Ballsy Mint (new flavour) - mint with chocoballs with Orange Chocolate, Kopi C (which really really tasted like what I just drank during teatime with J) and Baileys (its flavour being drowned out by the rest, as usual!)
Finishing up with paeds cvs in 3-7, with soft peanuts and M&ms and soft drink-milo...and my third icecream of the day at Mr wonder down with sore throat now...

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