Friday, February 12, 2010

Old Airport Road Food Centre

Today's the first day of the last posting ever (hopefully), and after the nus lectures on spine/LL/hand, we zoomed down to Old Airport Road Food Centre; cos D didnt drive he and weeming didnt join us for lunch as they hitched a ride from enming.
Initial confusion but after pickin Marc and Jeremy from the bstop we left for the East. The multistorey carpark is less crazy than the ground level one, though i momentarily forgot where i parked =P

When I came, eveyone split up to buy food for everyone, and it seemed rather like a picnic, with chinese music in the background to add to the atmosphere. At least here, the queues are not crazy and no one rushes for tables.

I finally got to try Nam Sing Hokkien Mee - the first time I am trying this cos this stall uses veg oil. It tastes similar to what my grandma cooks at home - but my gran's stock of prawn heads gives much more aroma to the noodles. It reminds me of comfort home cooked food, and is good for me since I am just recovering.. Its divine on the Makan Sutra meter btw..

Toa Payoh Rojak never fails to impress, and the sauce always seems to accumulate right at the end, even though it seems quite dry at the start...Wanted to buy youtiao to dip into the huge amount of sauce left but K and D couldnt find..
And the repeat order of the Freshly Made Chee Cheong Fan .. Mushrooms and Prawn - this is one of the best (or maybe it IS the best) chee cheong fan I tried, simply cos the silky sheets of rice flour are just melt in your mouth smoothilicious!

We headed back to cgh, with trouble with parkin( in more ways than one), and congregated at the lounge for admin. Many false alarms, before heading for skc's revision at ncc after that - our day ended at 830pm, 12 hour days are just insane.

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Singaporefoodlover said...

tried this place(rojak) awhile ago, indeed very good