Sunday, February 7, 2010

Your Woul

Keeping a diary now is like penning down my countdown to mbbs, and as I write this I'm imagining myself reading this in time to come, pondering about all my extremely succint summaries of those horrible times on the way to the finals..
Anyways, this would be an account of Thursday week one of derm, after the 8 am lecture on exo psoriasis, I was in clinic with Wei Yan - in which the doctor took the fingering legs hint to leave (poor him with a uber packed clinic), I found Daryl Dedrick Kels and Jeremy in the library, with D and J having a huge discussion, before we finally adjourned for lunch.

D drove us to Your Woul (Goldhill Plaza) where we all had the lunch specials - D had the steamed pau (which turned out to be Gyoza stuffed with Kimchi), J had the pork, Kels had the kimichi fried rice, and D had the bibimbap.We were dying waiting for the side dishes to come, and the favourite of the day has gotta be the Fried Lotus Root. I liked the ikan bilis too.

We shared the seafood pancake - which had lotsa squid, and crispy batter. It's sliced like pizza!
My raw fish rice.
Udders thereafter of cos (it was next door), with Jeremy going back to join Marc at his clinic first- Orange Chocolate Bitters (arent u bored of reading my ULTIMATE FAVOURITE all the time) and Kels' Gila Melaka. We still havent managed to figure out what those bits inside her icecream were. They were not attap chee as clarified by Daryl. The dear girl is missing her salty mr brown too much. Dedrick had Cookies and Cream and Daryl her Mao Shan Wang which she says costs as much as a Macs Meal lol.
We lingered around to draw money, and for me to take my passport photos for employment lol, before we went to tt where James brought us through a double pathology pt, and another cardio, before we went for derm lect. Kels' stamina finally fizzled out and she went back thereafter =P

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