Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Singapore Polytechnic Canteen

What seems like everyday canteen food can look quite good, captured on camera:

It was the second last day of surg at nuh, and while we were scrambling to submit our log book, and Kels to return the last bit of the paeds notes to me, we decided to take the shuttle to Singapore Poly for their canteen food.

We were directed to canteen 4 by this girl we met, and later by another group to canteen 6 (up a hill, which we chickened out) so eventually we headed here where we were greeted by a kopitiam like setting. There was some major renovations going on so it was a little obstacle course getting there and the canteen was really really stuffy (though not with students, like the nus one can be...)

I had the salmon omelette rice from the Japanese stall, which tasted every bit like you imagine it to be..

Kels' Chicken cutlet rice with black pepper sauce - this is from the Malay stall and was strongly recommended by a student for the different sauces. Towards the end, when I asked K to ask for more sauce to eat with my rice, we discovered the most interesting Bandung sauce ! It has this spicy tinge to it. Most delicious with my rice and even the fries.
We shared the cheese fries from the Western Food stall. We got excited at first cos I thought the waffle shop sold zidanzai but it turned out to be sausage waffle =P

We adjourned to the fast food complex (which has Subway, Pizza Hut, and KFC, btw!) which also houses Popular and is right next to the half filled swimming pool. Within the 1/2 hour till 315pm (when it rained!) we zoomed through colorectal osses before I managed to get back for the feedback session with d low, and then the uro tut. rushed day!

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Frederick said...

This is Foodcourt 3 that you went.