Sunday, February 14, 2010


Day 1 of Derm - We had long admin talk and post walkaround orientation before we promptly went for breakfast and then started clearing the treatment room and phototherapy, before going for the intro lectures..We zoomed out to Hong Kong Kitchen to have a quick lunch (the chicken rice place was full ++) so I had fish head beehoon there.
We came back to attend clinics (super good at the start of the posting), and thereafter Kels and I proceeded to House (Dempsey Road) for early dinner, over some nephrotic synd discussion.
Spot Priscilla!
We ordered the American Sliders - Mushroom Cheese burgers (had the Truffle Aioli with Chongs the other time) . They very nicely divided the full portion into 2!! We upsized the AMAZING TRUFFLE FRIES. Never quite tasted the truffle in this before( had it with Michelle/Fly/Cel once, and another time with Chongs) but somehow the full glory was only discovered today. lol as Kels say maybe its the company. Actually the very intention was the sweet potato fries which I had loved when I was with Chong cos its sugar dusted but somehow it was overshadowed by its cousin!!
Salted Caramel Banana Cake - this is an amazing contrast of textures - from the soft chewy Coffee popcorn, to the sweet banana pudding like cake, with the bits of salty caramel right in the middle. Its really gotta be the most ambitious cake I've had.
As night fell, we left - and the place started waking up with more people streaming in. We were the only ones as the sun was setting! But we loved the homeliness of this place, with the PS-like ambience, right by the forest and the green house alfresco sitting right beside us. Love this place, and will be back for more of those giant cakes.


yixiaooo said...

did someone say, giant cakes?


julie said...

yeah giant cakes that rival ps cafe's!