Friday, February 19, 2010

Arnold's Chicken

TGIF second last wk before closure of wards, morning pep talk by low and long lunch at canteen (tempura fish set from qiji) before heading to see some surg (red herring for kels and wm, fishbone-abscess for d and me haha) and went to read some scans, before our tut on AS.
We then went to see UL/LL/ball-cage before we left. Kels and I were lingering around the lounge wondering about Percy (but misst the timing!!) but we decided to head to Arnold's Chicken (City Plaza), with the secondary intention of shopping for new clothes.
The queue here is INSANE by the way, we were queue number 65, and we were to order when we took the queue number. What a crowded place in an uncrowded mall !! This place has a very communal feeling about the passion for fried chicken. Everyone's spring chicken or bucket of fried chicken gives me a sense of camaraderie, a feeling Kels and I only got in the chachantengs of Hong Kong.
And btw, the parking here is very cheap in the evening - its $1.20 per entry...tho....hehe...
City Plaza reminds me alot of Shenzhen, with wholesalers and bizzare clothing galore, and just a very old school feeling about the whole mall.Even the snacks stall is wholesale too.
2 piece Chicken set - with fries and coleslaw. Well, this is a decent well fried chicken. The ribs piece was especially good. Bonchon on the other hand blows me away with the insane marinated crisp skin.
The amazing Potato Basket - trio of Waffle Crisps (my favourite with excellent texture), Sliced Potato Chips (Kels favourite), Potato Wedges (good too) and its very yummy help yourself to the cheese sauce dip. And of cos, the thing that pleases best friend is the FREE FLOW BOTTLED CHILLI SAUCE!
Onion rings with a thick coating of batter.
Miss the clear plastic gloves in HK! Fried chicken is lickin good.

We drove thru Geylang and found XiaoFeiYang right at the end, and then thru Chinatown and then to town for a febile attempt at Percy's again, but of cos, it was not meant to be. Knee thereafter.....HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! =)


Anonymous said...

is there a bonchon chicken here in singapore?

julie said...

yup its here and its in ion orchard basement 4

kelly said...

we should have taken a photo of the bottle of chilli sauce! it stole the show =D