Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fika Swedish Bistro

Met up with Carol and James on Monday my only day of shadowing (dim rocks) after work, C wanted to try the korean but cos J and I had too much of it recently I thought of either la petit or some place at haji lane. Was contemplating the train but fortunately J was on leave so he gave me a lift down - parking here is a nightmare - we went two rounds.
Wanted to try Gulf at first or Nasrin but we settled for Fika (Beach Road) - this place is right at the end of Haji lane just round the corner from Beach Road. Amazingly clean cut - walls adorned with black boards with scrawlings of the offerings, its quite a different setting from most other middle eastern restaurants with warm lightings. Fika lighted up more halfway into our meal and I'd like to think it assisted greatly in capturing great pics =D
This place serves halal swedish food - we thought we saw the swede boss, and postulated that he married a malay lady who was manning the counter ? This place serves food like grilled meats, pasta, and more swedish food like meatballs, hash (which i'd wanna try in my next visit) and open face sandwiches. Open face sandwiches reminds me of Abof, the now defunct Swedish restaurant at Millenia Walk where I had my birthday dinner and where James came with me to sample the food before the acutal dinner. One of the most memorable tasting dishes was an open face sandwich with herring, a salted fish - which is not served commonly, and not here in Fika, unfortuately.

Still we had great food at Fika, and one of them was the Swedish meatballs - really loosely packed meat balls and most delicious with the sauce and the jam. Even the potatoes were delicious with the sauces.

Skaden Open faced sandwich - salmon, shrimp and Swedish roe tossed up in mayonaise. This was mine and I really enjoyed it together with the thick bread - this is the open face sandwiches that is traditionally Swede. Interesting picking out all the different seafood to eat though it was really salty (i guess its from the roe!!)
James had the Smoked Salmon Open faced sandwich which was good -other than his raw vegetables esp the much disliked baby bean sprouts which was difficult to totally eradicate.
C's grilled chicken.
Food here is generally filling and really healthy but delicious. Fika's usu quite crowded according to James and it was almost full on a Monday night so call ahead if you wanna come here! Today's convos was surrounded by C's politics and discipline and children in risky sports, J's anticipation to aE, and mine anticipation in dim, totally enjoyable. Till the next tennis date then!

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