Monday, May 17, 2010

Your Woul

Keeping a diary now is like penning down my countdown to mbbs, and as I write this I'm imagining myself reading this in time to come, pondering about all my extremely succint summaries of those horrible times on the way to the finals..
[Ok, I just found my this post (5 Feb - wow this is like just a month before mbbs) amongst my backbackbacklog of posts and now that i completed mbbs its a lil queer to continue from that paragraph!!!!!!!!]
The outing to Your Woul (Goldhill Plaza) was attended by Dedrick Daryl Jeremy Kels and I but I totally forgot the occasion and the posting. Haha. All I know is that there was a korean place at Goldhill that i wanted to try and I dragged them there.

All i remember of the side dishes was the wonderful deep fried tapioca root (bottom right)which we asked for multiples. The sides definitely cant challenge Kim's!

Pancake was rather light and crisp and doughy at the same time it was quite balanced.
We each ordered the lunch specials and this was my salmon and egg roe rice - loads of salad and seaweed inside, this feels more Jap than it does Korean.
I didn't manage to snap the other pics though. All I remember is D saying the bibimbap was slightly sub-par. And that J liked his (?).
What do we do to salvage the meal.......UDDERS (Goldhill Plaza) - Orange chocolate bitters and Maoshanwang to save Kels and mine day. I remember Jeremy went back to join Marc so no ice cream for him. I remember Dedrick had cookies and cream and Daryl had Maoshanwang (and complaining its the cost of a macs meal lol). Wow this is a real test of my memory - goes to show how impt the blog maintains my med memories for me...
Kelly which posting was this????????Derm???


Bern said...

What was the estimated price each person spent?

julie said...

the lunch sets were under 15 each but i suggest you go for the ala carte dinner it might be better.