Sunday, May 9, 2010

No 5 Emerald Hill

Today was supposed to be shopping for grad clothes but fail max cos I went to do my hair instead- tried a little at Bugis and City Hall but in the end ended up with shoes from River Island and managed a bargain at my third pair of the same pair from Pedal Works (which fines u for having big feet, btw). Met V for Ip Man 2, which kinda reminded me how I forgot Ip Man 1 (the screen was too small in HK, kels lol with massive receptive aphasia again fail max) and I thought certain scenes had ingenious choreography esp the table exchange of hands. Amazing work there. Anti Western sentiments were strong esp in the packed cinema (full max) and I'm sure if you are a white in there it wont be a very pleasant feeling indeed.

Was at Kiliney and walked over to No 5 Emerald Hill - had the one for one Martini (2 for $15 from 9pm-1am)- the Midori no2 which is passionfruit - and ghostly green - compared to Midori 1 which is ORANGE my most hated fruit. The alcohol in here is quite potent you breathe out alcoholic vapour. I always love the peanuts here and culture of casting its shells everywhere.

Steak and Guiness Pie - came in 5 mini pieces and I loved the small chunks of steak within though the stout always eludes me - whether here, or even the chocolate stout from Tom's.
Met K and Niks around 2 at winebar and thankfully for raoul managed to get K in (thanks R!!) and we went to join N's friends thereafter.


ice said...

Seems like both you & mic hate orange very much lol. Hmm... but you like Oriole's citrus sin, don't you?

julie said...

yup i do! i find the multi dimensional taste of that drink amazing. the orange flavour is so unpredictable.

but im still a loyal fan of the chilli chocolate mocha =) and the barista too lol