Friday, May 28, 2010

Brunch at House

Lost sheep getting to block 9 congregated at 1) kaffe and toast waiting for mir and wansze 2)pedestrian walkway waiting for short and bumping to c, while the whole congregation led by nanny to the butchering class =) chicken skin is too slippery plus no epidermal layers makes it a very challenging stitching class indeed. And my neighbour the pro was just impressing the teachers!! With her much sturdier piece of meat!

Rounding back to get my telephone charger and helping d postpone, hungry Wansze and I made our way to House (Dempsey) where there was a charity car wash event at Dempsey, but we happily trotted straight into House. And for the first time it was SOOOO packed!! what happened to our quiet untainted homely place??? We had to wait at the bar area for our turn and luckily it was quick.

It was really cathartic spilling surgical/medical tales, and the symbiotic/otherwise relationships with our hcws. and particularly the PCN being listed in MOT (SIGH), and how there's so much more camaraderie in surg calls than med (ie more food lol) and how awesome the sn are in sgh. love the environment there tho the volume (and hence hours) can really be quite insane. I shall just enjoy my time in med first.

7 layer pancakes chokeful of nutella, hazelnuts, candied fruits and raisins and fruits this was a real treat. And the pancakes were nicely thick, had a slightly grilled taste to it. Really the best pancakes in a long time - i guess i love pancakes punched with flavours and crunch.
Oregon salmon hash was real creammmmmy, with chunks of potatoes (I love potato skins so so much) but little salmon chunks. It was delicious dunking the porous raisin bread into the cream but the portion can afford to be x2 !
Sweet potato nibblets - i love the sweet potato fries here cos its coated with sugar and sesame seeds. Oh so yummy. I come here almost all the time for either this or the truffle fries.
When we asked for chilli and tomato sauce.
How is my chilli sauce queen doing in KK! I miss you!


Stargirl said...

imagine if House served seven whole pancakes instead of seven quarters in its seven layer pancake set lol!

julie said...

so in total its 7/4 = less than 2 whole pancakes!! but its more fruits and nuts than flour which is really yummy esp when it comes with nutella