Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Grill Fish Nagato (Parco Millenia Walk)

It was a Friday and before picking Mommy from work I met the sibs for dinner first - A took the train to Outram and I picked him before meeting F directly at Millenia. Luckily we didnt park at Marina Square first (it was full) cos the parking at Millenia's also $2 after 6pm. F was so early and hungry she had her durian chendol fix before meeting us and was too full for dinner!! We went to Grill Fish Nagato (Parco Millenia Walk)- on the way passed by so many long queues for those Jap places. I was kinda lazy to find out what the fuss was all about so we just settled for the relatively unpacked Grill fish! I think I'm good for settling for the minimal, esp after starting work. Eating without doing anything else is already such a luxury, when that discharge summary/prescription/blue letter is not pending at the back of your mind.
Anw, we finally came to a happy conclusion on fass for mei =) and the fact that she could go J for exchange, and we even decided on a holiday there end of july. Please let my chunk of leave be approved!!

My Hoke fish set ($10) - this fish has plenty of bones, but I love how salty it is, and really yummy with the rice.

Bro was complaining how small the Salmon Teriyaki was - but he enjoyed every (little) bit of it. Rare of him to enjoy food since he eats to live, that skinny boy.
We ordered a seafood miso soup as well, which had chunks of salmon - so it all went to the hungry boy. Also another mixed mushroom soup (plenty of funghi within a salty broth) and Mei also had the oden - because they were all soupy and unphotogenic i didn't bother taking!
Her grilled onigiri chunks of rice balls. She was too full we tapaoed it home.
We kinda ordered all the small items on the menu - the sets are all quite good value!
I'm gonna miss the zouk one for one at Frolick (Holland V) - My original and A's Passionfruit.
Mummy came to join us at Starbucks before we bumped into Chongs, but was just too tired to club that night. Oh boy, the tiredness. whatever happened to my energy??

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ice said...

Should have eaten here instead bah. Had a lousy & expensive set at Tomi sushi next door.