Friday, May 21, 2010

House, Fish Mart Sakuraya

It's a mighty fine sunday and its mother's day =) these ladies are like the mothers to me in school so its belated happy bd to qian and happy 1 day anniversary for j ... congrats to both.

Picked e from outram and we headed to black market @house first - surprise 2 buys of dresses of which e was my atm, and we spotted the famous baldies hawking his designer wear for charity..he was as expressionless as can be in his shades, and we were wondering who'd be able to fit into his clothes lol...

When qian and j came we finally went to sit down and it was j's turns to place the shades =) no girl, u dun look blind in any one of these photos at contrast you look refreshingly gorgeous ! and of cos, basking in the glow of love is the best make up ever...

truffle fries and sweet potato fries to be appetisers
grapefruit tart reeks of cigs according to e...this was a rather unique tart that few can appreciate
chocolate tart - the base is a lil hardish and the filling dark creamy..
apple crumble was really deconstructed - the sauce came in a cute decanter. The spiced apple chunks were below the digestive biscuit layer, made goey by the pudding sauce. Somehow its not as impressive as wild rocket's deconstructed concept of the cheesecake. hmmms.
convos about bags and how much you'd go to please...i'm glad we have the same values and expectations =) wansze spotted me (getting a day off in surg!!!!!!!!) whilst shopping at flea market but tough luck for her lol. dun worry i had it equally empty at the Zouk's flea and easy too !
Picked up family to go to the new Fish Mart Sakuraya at West Coast Plaza. Parking was crazy on Sunday - i really never knew West coast plaza is so popular (tho its expected for sakuraya lol). beware the subtlety of Fish Mart Sakuraya in B1 vs. Sakuraya in level 2. didnt check out the other levels.
Variety of seaweed and jellyfish to kick start our meal.
Love the grilled spicy salmon belly. smooth and damn delicious.
chunks of sweet eel.
A lil messy to take more but I must say Sakuraya never fails to satisfy the binge =)
Happy week ahead guys.

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