Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pump Room

After a very tirin ACLS (thank goodness for refractorily tiring VF case tho flunking the theory meant paying more parking lol), and a long nap I met Chongs at Pump Room (Clarke Quay) - and at the flea market outside I manged a quick buy of a jacket before donning it on inside =P

Usual fries bomb. These were REALLY long chunky rectangular potato wedges masquereded as fries. Chongs abandoned me halfway lol!! leaving the fries in massive salt and soggy vinegar. And this french dude was fail max with his 10 bucks and ageness.

Prawn Quesidillas. Chongs is a big fan of these and its really ang moh (skinny) prata - the prawns within are a lil unusual as we usually have other meats. Still there were loads and loads of cheese making it a very yummy treat...
We got squeezed near the VIP then again right at the other end at the steps, the crowds are mad. It was madder at Butter with the meds (only an hours lol thx to mag nik ian for waiting) to join the rest (hons, amrit bree pflug kums) before a disjointed (three cars) supper/breakfast which turned out to be just 2 drinks. Wonder when the mass outing will happen again lol.

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