Friday, May 14, 2010


Whilst waiting for the girls outside the entrance of Botanics I was mulling over a novel (what a luxury) and Eliza was the first to arrive and we both again mulled over what was the mysterious car that dropped off qian and jas (but i guess it was no surprise lol). It was quite a distance to the Ginger Garden where Halia (Botanics Garden) is.
Love the simple wholesome flavours of the food in Halia and the intimate atmosphere. The jazz band is so smooth that the whole time we thought it was the cd playing..
We had 3 appetisers to share.

White asparagus with truffle icecream. Just nice, each of us had one - the truffle icecream didnt taste very specific (and was rather icy in fact).

Mushrooms with poached eggs. There were some crispy bread croutons but otherwise quite unremarkable.
Mushroom soup which was rather creamy. Nothing beats the chunkiness of the mushroom soup in Blue Basil
Love the bread roll with herbs. Absolutely delish in vinegar and olive oil.
However the mains rocked! I had the seafood consumate and the broth was so flavourful without being thick or overwhelming. All the seafood inside - the fish, squid, prawns, scallops and clams) were well done - loved how tender the seafood was, so much so that the scallop had the same consistency as the fish. and I mopped up everything with the crisp long bread.
Yi Qian's Lamb Shoulder which was a little tough.
Eliza's Seabass which she enjoyed.
Jas's fish - Perch came wrapped up in a pouch and it was such a show with the waitress having to open it up !
Tada !! With Japanese rice on the side. She loved every bit of it.

We were somehow so full we couldnt dessert. I'd love to think that we were full listening to updates from J's Lasik outing (LOL) and my passing. Hope you girls enjoyed the treat !! (and whoops about the long walk out). Halia's a great place to come if you love an unassuming and quiet ambience amidst lush greenery - and for walking a sweat in before dinner!

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