Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book Cafe

French Toast
My first active call ie noobs abt passive clerking (so ended up clerking 2+1 to irene for tpy) and a bgit turned svt sent my day into a whirlwind settling him and admissions was crazyyyy too at ae. when we finally settled down to have dinner at midnight (garlic mushroom chicken from spize takeaway is mudder awesome omg one huge huge huge slab of chicken + mash potatoes) and the discovery of the stash of the sweet crackers in the gs cupboard more than made up for the diluted milo. Super good memories of that very one night at that office with irene (with our reg + bespectacled cmh being mistaken for pt very unfortunate). Unfortunately after a catnap, a code happened and it became downhill again with cor's case (it was H vs cor's) while everyone else was rounding. missed MM's at 69 too. Back was eventually too dead still to join halfway. Eventually slept thru bf (but a bf set for me with thanks !!) and mopped up the others before we scurried to Book Cafe with a quickie lunch before it was home (for irene -before she went to prepare for congress - and me )

Book cafe (Robertson Quay) was quite packed (and I saw Weiting - stylish woman was difficult to miss and she gamely passed me her design mag with thanks!) and loads of comfy sofas donned the place (it looks too inviting, esp post call).
Pancakes and French Toast for everyone to share. Ended up dissecting it to bits to distribute. French toast is very very yummy ! Crisp and buttery.My scrambled eggs set was really simple and sparse - but I must say each individual section of it was very delicious on its own (but the servings should at least x 2). The hashbrown was the best - it was really crisp and batter really crumbly - and the eggs really creamy, going well with the salmon.
On the other hand, jt's omelette was stuffed with loadsa goodies! cheese and meat and She was one happy tropper.
Xing's Eggs Ben which she never fails to order everyone (I realise that subsequently....)
M's Turkey Ham, Avocado and Egg white sandwich. I guess cos of the connotation of the egg white this sounds absolutely healthy but in an interesting way.
We were really waiting longs for our food -and then the pancakes and french toast came. Then the rest and finally dukie's pasta (the only one pasta in the whole group of breakfasts). Basically the chillax place was wasted on us cos we were so nervous the entire time re who in the world was gonna round and our hearts palpitated everytime there was a call. But for me and Irene, hearts were much lighter as we gave the rest a lift back, and her a lift back to her bed and finally to mine ;) sleeping till a Friday is most shiok!

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