Saturday, October 23, 2010

Boomerang, Laurent's

It was a chillaxing sat with th and rc rding; while i covered 58 +outliers (it was quite a morning walkabout!!), it went quite smooth with us having k+t post round still. After very min change, we eventually deliberated abt plan b in the ho room, and scurried into a cab after the almost encounter with couple...we took the leap of faith down to Boomerang (60 Robertson Quay, 01-15, The Quayside). It was as if we were running away from the parking mata with us hiding behind large menus ;P Everything sounds great in the breakfast menus, and I spied the huge huge sharing platters (esp the Mezze ones). Sounds good for a return visit the next time round.
This place is by the river, but I initially got a little lost cos I had to roundabout Epicurious (very very packed place for brunch) and Da Mario's before I headed further downwards. Love the spacious indoors and outdoor areas too. The decor was also super interesting (look upwards at the lights).

Rancheroos - this reminded me so so so much of the breakfast we had in HK remember Kelly?? the 24 hour breakfast place in HK near the clubbin district. This was mexican style with deep fried tortillas (tastes very much like curry puff pastries), deep refried beans, with a dash of scrambled eggs and avocado (which xh loved).

Poached eggs with toast, mushrooms, and tomatoes. The toast was especially chewy and very delish with the light whipped butter.
But of cos poached eggs always tasted better with a dash of hollandaise sauce like in Xh's Eggs Ben (second in our second outing). Love the fried potatoes by the side too.
Sticky date pudding with vanilla ice cream. This was a very neat sticky date pudding; tasted healthy actually. Not sinfully drowning in caramel or as moist as I'd have liked. Its almost cake like.
While Yx went to follow her original plan to meet sister, xh and i crawled over to Laurent's Cafe (The Pier@ Robertson) to continue our dessert trail. Obviously the sticky date didnt spike a high enough sugar rush. We settled for this chocolate/hazelnut cake as we waited for the chocolate souffle (xh actually wanted the choc tart but this is the one of the last cakes in Laurent's I havent got to try ;p) If you like the crisp hazelnut base thats always at the base of chocolate cakes then you'd love this cos there's a substantial portion of this as compared to the chocolate ganache layer. If not, stick to Pure or chocolate tart.
A whiff of the chocolate souffle; and the crackling of the crust as we tucked into the souffle; and the savouring of the bitter sweet fluid innards of this lovely chocolate souffle. We swopped the raspberry sorbet for vanilla - extremely good contrast of hot and cold;crisp and fluid (add the warm vanilla milk concentrate into the souffle), love this so very much.
We just lazed the whole aftern at Laurent's browsing copies of herworld (4 of them, in total lol) and realising the food recommendations there were actually good, talking about our dream travel places and the journey thru med and how we got here, where we'd eventually head to. It felt quite unreal to be just soaking in the chocolate air (and moreover, sunday getting off lol) and looking back on an awesome week of two brunches, icecream outings, and even a jap buffet. i think the fact that people lose wt in gs (maybe in certain teams!)is a myth;our bosses eats loads and there's always a time for breakfast/feasts/drinks. Always.

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