Monday, October 25, 2010

Seventh heaven

Final day with sips and after a long long day of 8! electives we finally managed to exit and lounged in the room before zipping off to 63 (cos we totally forgot about the list), and finally, with xh in krith's car and yx in mine we went to Seventh Heaven (Raeburn Park, Marketing Institute of Singapore), with the help of yx's google maps. Totally need gps to come here cos its so damn out of the way.
And we had a near scare cos the nearby restaurant was closed. And Seventh Heaven was empty, too!
It was kinda like ice cream for dinner cos of xh's vascular buffet lunch and my super duper late lunch. Thank goodness for compulsory breakfasts these days...

We chose The Matrix ; the 12 samplers - its quite worth it, for huge scoops in cupcake trays; this features their bestsellers so we asked so which flavours will these be? and the waiter then said, oh actually, all our flavours are bestsellers.....doh....we managed to charm him to include the following: - Chocolate whiskey, blackforest, Rum and Raisin, Peanut butter, Seasalt and caramel, Milo Dinosaur, Lychee Martini, Chocolate and Carbanet. The other flavours as a surprise : - matcha, 2 sorbets (that none of us liked), black sesame.

My favourite was the Chocolate Whiskey (though after a while, it seemed to have clearly separated); other favourites were the lychee martini (they always get it right here) and Peanut butter.

Should have seen our faces when this tray came; our faces totally lit up!!

And they wanted to challenge me to the Holy Grail; 30 scoops of ice cream in 25 minutes and its on the house.......

We wanted to move on to have cakes too but they ran out.....really wanted to try A Very Tall Cake (Peanut butter and chocolate!) Looks like a great excuse to visit. Esp the discovery of the ice cream tray; gosh gonna be dreaming of that during calls. So we had the waffle with french vanilla ice cream (the ice cream is the highlight, actually); which we're not gonna miss cos 1. its not warm; 2. its got a cookie-biscuit like texture, very unlike your regular crisp/dense waffles elsewhere. Love the crisp waffles loads I must have it soon (you hear, Kels?)
Much angst about previous teams (xh and krith's about the songs they had to sing om); its really so nice to bump into fellow batchmates along the way and have spontaenous lunches/coffees/icecream outings like these. Such is a perk with having college mates as colleagues!

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Glenn Lee said...

Hmm! I've heard about this place for quite a while. I think it was on ieat's blog or something. Still looks good! Will try soon =)