Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kith Cafe

Wild Berries and Cornflake milkshake
Big breakfast - toast, scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes, chicken and mushrooms
Toasties - Tuna, Chedder, Green apple
Sweet Brioche - with yoghurt and strawberries
A sunday I had to work meant I missed a chance to go out with Grans but it turned out just fine cos I had a perfect Sunday brunch lounging at Kith Cafe (Watermark @ Robertson Quay) with Wansze.

We planned for Mimolette (and wans booked on Sat) but doh perfect 10 being perfect 10 it was booked for a private event prob a wedding. And cos Wans had to meet a friend at Great World we decided to meet at Robertson Quay. She came to pick me up(already feeling very bored!! at 11am !!) and we left for Robertson, parking at Watermark right next to a Lambo and Porche no less ;P

We managed to find the cafe by a little corner in the Watermark Condo and found the corridor to be bustling with people digging into their very delicious looking breakfast sets. We chose aircon over ventilation (for the interiors were very poorly ventilated and we came out smelling of our own food and toast and eggs) . There're only two tables inside - there's a long high bar table (of which, many single customers perched themselves atop to enjoy their good food in blissful solitude ;)), and the lower bench seats which had lotsa European/Japanese mags stuffed beneath to browse. Plenty of hippies around the alfresco area facing the river; some people just chilling with a book. Extremely chill vibe love love it.

All the items were on the blackboard for you to browse; there were breakfast sets/sandwiches/toasties/milkshakes/teas and coffees galore.#

Started off with a very yummy Wild Berries and Cornflakes milkshake - the drink sounded like a blended breakfast in itself - its a little like nestum in yoghurt. Very yummy especially in the initial sips when the cornflakes was still crunchy before it soaked up all the moisture from the milkshake. Kels will be proud of me for choosing this drink! Wansze had her coffee fix. Shall bring her to Shots for our next brunch date (maybe Mimolette first......heh).

Big breakfast - we substituted certain items and ended up yummy toast (really chewy breads), scrambled eggs, grilled tomatoes (with speckles of pepper), chicken and mushroom. Wished there were more of the creamy scrambled eggs! It was a splendid spread.

Toasties next - Tuna, Chedder and Green apple; I half thought the green apple would be in the toastie but it was actually a side - this reminds me plenty of the resus dog aunties yummy toasties.

We ended off with the Brioche with Strawberry in Yoghurt. The sweet bread had a super yummy crust and fluffy interior, perfect for dipping into the yoghurt. Dipping bread into yoghurt is the first for me and might be a start to a new habit;) for now the habit is to dip my daily kaya toast into eggs.

Wansze was piping full of stories of t3 and full of anticipation to return back to gs ;) miss her loads too and wished we had better fate in getting similar hospital postings! She gave me a lift to great world (on her way to watch a movie) and i just browsed at GWC before taking the shuttle to orchard to pick up number2s of bakuman and les gouttes. Am seriously contemplating getting the kino card alr since im starting on numerous series(es) of mangas. So far my stack of other novels are awaiting, and The Passage too (reading it in bits).
Kith Cafe has been the start of my NUMEROUS brunches at Robertson Quay. Get the breakfast ball rolling ;)

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