Saturday, October 16, 2010


Day before this Saturday I was post call and went brunch with Irene at Prive so after that zonked out for 20 hours non stop (thanks wansze for postponing brunch to Sunday ;)) and just lazed the entire sat away reading my thurs-fri stacks of newspapers and my new found love for manga (actually, its re-ignited since those slam dunk/prince of tennis days). Reading both Oisinbo and Les Gouttes de Dieu (about Red Wine). Moving onto Bakuman about the life of a comic artist - got attracted to it cos its by the same manga artist who wrote Death Note. Mostly started on #1 of Bakuman on the train ride on the way to Procacci (Collyer Quay, Customs House). Prob get lost trying to find parking then get slaughtered by the parking fee so of cos took the train (but then again, regretted it after on). Was waayy early shoulda just picked up my reserved book too. After Chongs finally met me at Raffles Place, we too got lost on the other side of the road (no way to cross) and an uber uber ex taxi ride ($10 = ERP +CBD + peak hour + 5min ride) we finally got there. See shoulda driven. Anw. Its super pretty!! Lighted up so prettily next to the Fullerton Bay Hotel (which is really quaint too). Sigh such a quiet chill place to be at, away from the messy crowds else where (and nearby too....). Love love it. Thanks Chongs for booking (tho it was alfresco, heh). Shoulda seen my look when we didnt get an indoor seat. But must admit - view was dropdead gorgeous, and it was quiet, save for the bunch of noisy young hotties behind us - it was a night when a girl dined alone, another girl was alone till her bunch of babes bombed, but mostly, relished the quiet and the peace. It made up for the humid night. The night breeze was quite therapeutic, actually. LOVE the bread basket. I ate tons of the crisp thin chewy foccacia - of which there are two breeds - the above mentioned and the puffier cousin (looks whiter) of it. If you eat the foccacia straight from the oven it tastes exactly like the crispy Thasevi prata. Yummmms. Italian prata. Dipped into the olive oil and the mashed up olives- Chongs especially loved it. The bread was so tasty on its own and in olive I didnt have to ask for my usual butter.
Beef Carpaccio with truffle oil and arugula leaves - Chongs loved it to bits but I think the beef slices were way too thin for my liking. Would rather have the thickness of En Dining's Carpaccio!

This is what Chongs had her mind and heart and stomach on before she came here : Chilled Pasta with Truffle Oil and Caviar. Firm to bite and doused in plenty of truffle oil and salty bits of Caviar, we were happy troppers. Couldnt figure out what the other black specks were though. Just very very delicious. Chilled pasta tastes soooo good.
Porcini Risotto with truffle oil - couldnt taste much of the truffle oil here (actually, not at all). But no matter what im still a big fan of risotto - the mushrooms here I must say melt in your mouth. They have the most amazing smooth texture ever, in contrast with the firm grains of risotto. Good stuff too.
We strolled all the way round Marina to Marina Bay Sands where we enjoyed the breeze and the mist of the outdoor displays - many interesting ornaments and structures on the stroll on the way there. We browsed thru the shops (which closed at 12mn!! on fri and sat), gawked at people peering down (and still bucked the trend, lol), got excited about the crowded dessert/coffee shop which we realised was, bean, dohhh. And set our heart on our new hobby of booking hotel stays esp boutique ones when the moolah rolls in. Can't wait for that infinity pool date ;)
We then emerged full circle at Esplanade - wanted to Orgo but (as I thought) only standing space only, and a almost to Pump Room, but I gave up on nearing the cab stand and seeing my 77. It was a killjoy - but work on Sunday IS indeed a killjoy. While Chongs gets pampered at B, I shall get the other extreme. Lol at least a good Sunday brunch with Wans awaits !

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