Saturday, October 30, 2010

Prive Brunch

Post very good call (on a Friday moreover!), and even after scavenging dim's free fri lunch, Irene and I popped by to her house to change (cos I only had scrubs........) and visit her huge rabbit before we headed to Prive (Keppel Bay). It was so very luxurious cos there were no collapses that night (only a fever party) and just many other small passives that I ended up doing. I conclude the best breakfast predawn is still icecream (x2, cos post dinner -indian food - we had x1, then supper the mos bought magnum minis).

We shared the Malted Maltasers milkshake which had bits of blended maltesers chocolate shells within. It had an alcoholic tinge as well; but Irene kept saying there was a residual banana taste. Oh noes I hate bananas i don't acknowledge that.

Eggs royale - super luxurious; the brunch items are exactly the same as those at Cafe Hacienda (recognise these, Kels?) but somehow post call these tasted so so much better. Lovely hollandaise sauce that looks nicely melted/toasted edges over the eggs and salmon and muffin. It tastes as good as it looks.
Pancakes - again similar to the ones at Cafe Hacienda. I found the pancakes a little too baked and plain for my liking but Irene really liked it. She loved the complex flavours from the apple/coconut compote to the light whipped butter and maple syrup. I prefer my pancakes a little more toasty and crisp at the edges. These tastes more like plain cakes.
But anyhow, we loved the fact that we could vegetate in Prive (thanks to the rest of t3 and to xh for printing my mc ;P) and just waste the entire aftern there and watching the types of ppl who could also afford wasting a nice cloudy Friday afternoon away. Even the stroll around the island just felt so liberating. Every moment off work is a moment to be relished esp with great company ;) never felt this so acutely during my student days....

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