Sunday, October 10, 2010

District 10

Crunchy bread sticks. Fun to much on.
Duck Confit
Wagyu Meat Balls with Penne
Florentine Truffle Pizza MAD LOVE!
Yesterday met peck - had to go to her 76 to see a uro overflow (which, urti + no hd bed= eventual postpone.......for the second) - and a near scare about my steth. poor Pek had to wait since 5pm for me to end - tho everyone exited early these new cases just always pop up at exits. But in the end we managed to zoom down despite bad cte jam and losing each other (and the long way to the uturn at lavender!!) to have dinner at District 10 (10 Winstedt Road #01-17). belongs to the Bonta group so lookin forward to good italian stuff but turns out most food was fusion.

Tucked away at old Monk's Hill Secondary - i loved the vibe of this place. Has a huge al fresco area and an equally lovely indoor restaurant which had a woody interior and a blackboard on it scrawled the daily specials. Love the casual laid back vibe of the place. Their specials are a must try - all very old school on the blackboard within the restaurant.
Pecks did some reading up of the place (heh, now all my friends do......) and said the duck confit was supposedly good so we ordered that. The duck confit was done a little differently from what I had at La Petit Cuisine - duck confit stewed in its own fat. Here it seems like it was deep fried and was quite a salt bomb. Otherwise very tender and fell apart quite easily.
The wagyu beef penne was also quite satisfying comfort food.Typically I'm not quite a fan of tomato based pastas (cream ones are just too good to pass on for tomato ones) but I must say that this is going to change my mind cos the sauce was just so rich and full of herbs. The wagyu beef balls were also kickass. Packed with meaty goodness.
But the bomb was the FLORENTINE TRUFFLE PIZZA. Gosh a taste of this (actually, even a whiff of this) and we were in truffle heaven - slivers and ribbons of crisp pasta (yeah it was a super Carb indulgence) atop cheesy truffled chewy pizza base - this pizza was huge and we ate all but 2 slices left to tabao for breakfast. It was that good. 3 slices each. Possibly the best ever truffle in a dish I had (and I never thought truffle could taste THIS good in pizza). I was quite blown away.
We were two happy girls that night ;) trailed me back to Newton before we had to wake up early again cm. Sigh love my comfort Italian food so so much. Cant wait for Italy come December ;)

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m said...

i went there too and ate the truffle pasta!!! I'm missing the bonta truffle pasta with light butter sauce +++!!!