Thursday, October 7, 2010

Everything with fries, Overeasy

It was Friday of our third week at U and fly and i were supposed to join the team for drinks later. Apparently team runs every week compulsory by prof but omg no way am i gonna be tortured physically any further!! besides it rained out the entire day and we're always swarmed with changes.
Fly and I took off to meet cel, lin, chongs at Everything with Fries (Holland Village). Parking was a nightmare as testified by Fly. We were real lucky to get a lot and i was super scared I'll bang my dads car. Precious +++ (the car, and the carpark lot).

Since I tried the lamb burger before i went for the Breaded salmon and sour cream skinny fries. Love the top crispy fried to perfection layer of skin and the oily salmon. Should have gone for double portion of fries instead of the limp coleslaw cos I ended up eating Chong's double portion (so yeah, had triple portion).

Cel, Fly and Lin's Lamb burger.
Chiara's sandwich with the thick cut curry fries and skinny sour cream fries of which I ate it all up for her. i conclude the CURRY flavour is the yummiest!!! when its chunky too.
Nutella tart - my second time having it, still not too convinced by its chocolateness.
Chongs think it looks like siew mai and pau. Its the banana butterscotch pudding.
Over to Overeasy (One Fullerton) , but needed a nap in the car till 1040pm. Met Chongs at the lobby who was waiting for Lin comin in the car and finally Cel before we managed to get a long lounge seat. Subsequently A and M joined us with another, plus Cels colleague plus marcus/rous/nat from clarke quay and a post call very hungry rous. we saw lotsa familiar peeps from d to the juniors to sx. Hmmms.
wings for M.
gave up on the haystack fries with parmesan which seems to be perpetually soggy.whatever happened to the wonderful ones I had it the first time round!! But i was still eating these after the triple portion of fries. sigh kels its your fries infection.
The original nachos came first which I sent back to the kitchen cos I love love love the Farmers style nachos!! Love everything in here. the guacomole, salsa, sourcream, EGGS , PASTA, cheese - the ones in caps you don't get in most nachos. omg im so hungry thinking about it now i feel like having the ones at Cafe Iguana the huge one.

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