Sunday, December 11, 2011


After Hediard and Jewels, headed back then to meet Chongs for supper at 83 (Club St) - she got quite lost along Club/AnnSiang/Mohd Ali but we found each other(and more importantly, I found a lot...super many cars!!). This place is opened by the Sabio folks which is another place I wanna check out. Love bar food and tapas these days.

Love the art of this place, and the electronica too. Very chill vibes, with our sofa alcove to lounge in as we viewed the Bali photos. A lil strange with 2 girls across us but they must have thought us strange too, using the mini in a bar! Too bad for no disc - no godskitchen nor cream for chongs tonight. haha.

Marinated salmon with chickpea fries. We love this to bits- originally ordered this cos of the fries (these chickpeas must be the only type of fries here - a default order always when im with chongs or kels).. the chickpeas turned out to be like a mushy fillet. Quite an interesting eat. And the smoked thick slabs of salmon was damn simple and delicious. Not a salt overkill too.

Wagyu beef cubes - dipped in our blue cheese sauce its absolutely divine. Others were a salsa and another cream sauce which we couldnt figure out. Love skewered tender meats.

Tried unsuccessfully to look for desserts around Club st/annsiang but didnt wanna land up with double blackout again at PS. Still, keeping an eye out for the Yin/Yang platters and Our Korner which we must check out.

Z was not a risk we wanted to take so we ended up here - with a queue to boot and an inhouse party, we had house drinks while the music lasted (quite good electronica actually), smallish phuture room was not too inviting.

Just outside Avalon for a moment of peace.

The true peace came when we browsed (and literally, left with no choice but window shop) at MBS, and at 7-11. And wondered about the super many cars at the basement, all leaving their families to try their luck (in the casinoes or clubs) !

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