Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Fantastic week when the C was away, and we were left to our own lists! blocked scopes and clinics! So we decided to head out post take for lunch - at first it was Tamp, then we became bolder and off we were to Raffles city (so J could buy stationary to please his gf...) and for me to shop!Had a simple quick lunch at Grandma's (Basement 1, Raffles City)

Somehow was not in a Nasi Lemak mood so didnt try the signature dish - was pretty pleased with my assam laksa. Loved the steak noodles and the shredded veg in the spicy soup. Comfort food.

Nasi Bhukari set for J.

Shopped around- bought Godskitchen and the golden Havis which lasted me thru the end of the posting right thru wearing it to kk too;) that week being superb we had massages plus, also the liberty of watching white sorcerer and snake (only cos everyone pangseh the package!! and we exited at noon!) which we left early to exit anyways.

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