Saturday, December 17, 2011

Level 33

Mondays cant be better with a best friend for company and good food to boot. And of cos daydreams of the Sail. So reminiscent of our last rendezvous ;) without the skipping of a heartbeat everytime the phone sounded. Quiet alcove this little hole in the wall was, which we spied on when we were at Lantern. We have found a quiet gem at Level 33 (Marina Bay Financial Centre). Plenty of ERP pitstops along the way (two, actually), but parking wasnt as daunting.

The best friend loves her bread platter. I love my bread crustier, and just the crust. The dips were fantastic cos they were so interesting. Beetroot, Vinegar, Chickpeas and truffle oil. First was her favourite, mine fave was the last.

Fat chips. Honestly I thought it was cos it was deep fried in fat.

Tapas platter - the fried white bait must have been dusted with some magic savoury powder. Super addictive. K loved the almonds, smokey and minimally dusted with sugar. Bought one packet back from the atas supermarket after!

Beef cubes - raw-ish centre dipped into the soya made it melt in your mouth. Though the sizzling pan was placed distally...

Another magic powder dusting the lamb ribs - very well marinated and can battle the ones at Disgruntled Chef (my gold standard...)

Morphing into night and the laser show...which K misst cos she was kinda facing awful scenery (ie...person directed...hehe)... Such peace in the nightline. A bit difficult to let go as we wandered around Marina Bay Link Mall - gonna check out the Y-pasta soon. Back down to Earth.

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