Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Shin Yuu Japanese restaurant

Chawan Mushi - the default starter

Complimentary starters - oysters, smoked duck, beef and salmon sushi rolls. I must say I find the pink cheese quite intriguing (the ones covering the salmon). Beef was kinda drowned in sauce (though I like stuff drowned in sauces...)

Sashimi platter - the default must have every round

Scallop again with the intriguing pink cheese.

Wagyu beef cubes - a default for most company..

These complimentary tiny morsels of octopus was all mine ;)

Fat shishamo - the fried ones that Z taught me to appreciate

Salmon+salmon skin

Avocado rolls

Sunday on a weekend J was not confined we headed out on a rainy evening to have the dinner (thanks for the treat - hope its the exams plus more to come including that coveted place ;)). That evening rounded thru HV thru Queens and I was totally stranded by the bins along Coronation Rd West. Totally no kind samaritian = late for dinner. But thanks for the lift;)

Shin Yuu (Greenwood) serves a decent ala carte buffet and was recommended by J. Didnt fast today - it was the FCCS course and of cos they fed us well throughout the day... difficult to do anything else when its just lectures all day long! Anyways. Got a window seat and the feast began.

The favourite part of the buffet was prob the sashimi (they have yellow tail and swordfish too). Btw king fish= yellow tail! Totally got fooled. Haha. We had multiple portions of sashimi +++. All they're missing to complete a buffet would be eel sans rice, and tamago too.

The sushi rolls (salmon skin, avocado) were also good cos the rice was actually well done (despite us trying to stay away from carbs!).

The wagyu beef cubes that night was not great - J said he has had better at the same place.

Fried stuff wise- surprisingly I liked the bits of the fried octopus - i think it was a complimentary serving. J loved the tempura loads, and the soft shell crab was the usual (I like!). The fried shishamo surprised J a little (cos they were huge) but was a little salty and different from the way I remember it was done at Riverview hotel when I first tried it with Z.

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