Saturday, December 31, 2011

Zoukout day

Booked a room at MBS which we hardly got to use - checked in late at 530pm meant that we couldnt get a fantastic view (and of the wrong side too, level6!) but heck, the pool (overcrowded with kids with a tiny adults section;( ) and the lovely empty gym (best in the am and during the check out lull period) and the hot pool at Banyan tree was worth it. Plus we got to check out late so Chongs could actually come back during her rounds to find me (and not dump me like in Bali!)

Witnessed the full moon at the hot pool (which kinda belonged to us and was a treat away from the cold, crowded lap pool), before J told me of the eclipse which we caught in our room. (cant catch much on camera). J caught the red eclipse on film. Send me!

The best foods of the night was not photographed unfortunately. The truffle fries by the MBS pool (Chong's dream to document all our truffle fries with this being the one with the best view!), and the best meal of my life at the Zoukout booth. Unforgettable.
Getting high on calories pre zoukout at Java Detour (Marina Bay Sands). Opens till late on weekends (or is it 24 hours?) Strawberry shortcake for her and Chocolate rum raisin for me, and black and white mochas for us both. Finished up the creamy bits for her, while the raisins did do me in...hehe. Drown my desserts in alcohol, anytime.
Pre Armin was the best meal of my life, after her 3 drinks and my 1 and enough of arena a, we headed to the booths - the seafood chowder had a tomato base but the huge chunk of fish in rice was seriously the BEST meal of my life. Warm and fuzzy. It was catered by Eatzi. Mmm.Telling Chongs I should eat it again, in a different setting and it'll prob not be the best anymore. Right food at the right place at the right time.

Of cos we had to take a nap before this dude rolled in at 5am...

The glorious mess. My glorious mess. What it takes for a hangover.

But I still managed to check out the level 57! Amazingballs I could loop round the MBS/Fullerton stretch daily. In 25minutes.

I actually finished the boy of plays, Victimology in 15 minutes. Very tempting to start reading plays and set my imagination on fire.

And so tempting to try the brunch at Sky 57. Where is the Chongs.

She's back to find me, on a drizzly cold Sunday morning, not so purrfect to check out the Ku De Ta brunch (mainly, alfresco dining)

So we ended up at TWG (Marina Bay Sands), having really healthy food being the extremely soberised folks we are. Tea salad was tops. Would like to have it again if it didnt cost a whopping 29 bucks.

Truffle scrambled eggs also came with prawns and salmon so we were almost same same. Truffle anything makes me order it. Damit. When it becomes available at home maybe i'll stop ordering it outside.

And they supplied us plenty of yellow toast. The yellow is such a mystery.

Burger was a puny little thing, but still tiny anything makes you crave for more. We were this close to stepping into DB for the burger but i yanked her out to follow our original plans for TWG. Many many little coves of TWG sprinkled in MBS though. And a very loud metrosexual comment I had to eat my words cos I actually knew K! Haha.

Shopped till 4 when we both dropped dead and I had to go get my valet coupon. End of the adventure, a year delayed.

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