Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Met Kels on the Sun after A&B, and her suggestion we met at Sauce (Esplanade). She was there early and almost wanted to shift elsewhere cos of then noise from the amphitheatre. The alfresco is done up in such a sunny garden style it looked attractive in the day. Well by night we sat at the bar tables to enjoy our semi bar food! Away from the noise.

A little disheartened I didnt get to check out 7ate9 before it closed, but this place is actually opened by the overeasy folks so was expecting good bar food! Sauces are served here too and are chargable per serving. Real interesting concept, and sauce is such a Kels thing.

Mushrooms which i must say was sauteed very well. Have learnt the art of sauteeing from J..

Beef nachos - well for once the nachos was served as a bowl, and you'd have to break the nacho bowl apart to eat it. Quite an interesting concept but well, it means its a compromise on nacho volume isnt it? The beef was done chilli con carne style so it went very well with the beans and chilli. Yums. Nothing beats the farmers style nachos at Overeasy though! Cheese and half boiled eggs thrown in.
No flash for this one -mentaiko pasta. Love this salty bits of roe. Reminds me abit of the roe we had, J! Mentaiko anything (with cream) seems to do magic to the pasta.

Walked around and almost to the helix before we turned back. Almost to the tail end of my east days and going to a new start soon;)

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