Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hediard Cafe, Jewels Artisan

Sat brunch was planned for the 26th but the surg skills workshop kinda stole my free weekend. ssw and even jason popped by, and we were hanging out mainly in the suturing before we skewered some chickens. Haha. Rushed abit to collect d's info before then after, popped by cicu..then I hurried down to Hediard Cafe (Tudor Court) to join the girls for brunch. Red, black. Chongs and I wanted to check it out some time too.

The girls had their fill so it was just down to me - they recommended the Norwegian - its eggs benedict with salmon (see..on an eggs roll...) or the breakfast set with croissant (short was saying how good the croissant was...). This was lovely simply cos the toast at the bottom was very airy and crisp. Well, but there should be more hollandaise...
Only problem was that this place tends to be on the quiet side and boisterous us was actually told to quieten down...hoho... thats not a good prognostic sign..

Rainy rainy so headed with short to Jewels Artisan (Orchard central) not knowing she promised her tuition kid pm slot!! But anyways. It was quite worth the time - the passion fruit tea was really fragrant, and the cakes were quite good (esp the below). We had the tea set with the chocolate truffle you can choose (we chose white chocolate champagne), salted egg macaroon and the regular chocolate cake, and chocolate ice cream. Its like a tasting platter of desserts. Very good for people like us who wanna try everything (preferbly, in greater quantities!)

Chocolate lava cake was so so good. I think i'd prefer it PIPING hot though. Short loved the berry compote lots. Well, I liked the white chocolate icecream lots. The proportion of ice cream to cake should be much much more.

Sat opposite the LUSH 99.5 studio and we see X ho streamin in! hehe. Picked up my ray bans at queensway en route to dropping her. Yay air con for my eyes now ;)

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