Saturday, December 24, 2011

Pique Nique, Lucky 13, Oriole

After fri's overnight, met Qian for tea at Pique Nique (Basement 1, Takashimaya) before she flies off to Taiwan next wed! - at first was almost at the Canele at Shaw where we parked but then decided to head further to Taka to check Picnique out. It started drizzling and we had to brave the crowds to get to Taka. Madness. Then I found out I left my phone behind. Sigh well done. Its not the distance back but the crowds!!

Latte - foamy and nice. Checked out the Nespresso's at Tangs and Illy (Fairprice finest at Scotts!) and loved the capsule machines - makes life easier when everything is neater in a capsule. Tempting tempting. Checked it out the day before when I thought it was the Tangs when actually it was the Isetan sale I wanted to check out with Qian -_-

Huge Whoopies fries - with lotsa curry and spice I'm sure Kels would have loved this- quality and quantity wise. Attracted the crowds too who peeped onto us..YQ felt over exposed man..

Sticky date first of the day, non alcoholic.

Shopped for Toms, then nearing Far East to check out the gellish nails for her and popped (well my eyes popped) at the J salon for the perm. Amazing balls really !! haha. hope you get a better deal in Taiwan dear!

Walked over back to Shaw to get my phone, amazed for the warning slip that my car was in 2 lots..excuse me, the BM next to mine was not even in his lot and you dare give me a warning sign with nothing for him? horrors.

Headed over to Lucky 13 (Triple One Somerset) to meet the J and J. Jills was the earliest though she texted she was gonna be late and warned me about the tricky way there. Indeed it was lost-inducing but we found it. Opened by Michael Lu its his first venture out and omg love the vibe and the music of this isolated place. Not to mention the food too! Transforms to a clubbish atmosphere on weekends.

Beef burger with Onion Chipotle. Loved the generous sauteed onions, and the crisp fries simply reminds me of the standards of bar food in Bali. Beef was really tender. It was a good burger.
Baked egg with cheese and mushrooms- love anything drowned in cheese, really.

Quesidillas with chicken - I think quesidillas is best eaten with beef innards or mushrooms. This is a really chunky quesidillas cos of the chunks of chicken. Really healthy tasty chunks of grilled chicken.

Headed to Oriole (Pan Pacific Suites). My favouritest place in town for coffee and dessert. 2nd sticky date pudding of the day, alcoholic. Of cos it beats the first Hands and feet down.

Banoffee pie reminds me of Su, somehow. I just love the icecream which occupies much of the dessert (haha) and we gave up towards the end, pouring the flower pot innards onto the sticky date plate.

Jills gave me a lift back to Shaw...I was knocked out flat out dead to the world!! Gosh tiring weekend and I was on call on Sunday - normal call, but somehow the great calls have spoilt me! Extremes!

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