Friday, November 20, 2009

Big D's, Haato

Meetup with the Aussie gang at Big D's (Blk 46 Holland Drive #01-359). Many troubles finding the place till it was known that it was at the coffee shop housing the XO fishhead beehoon. But totally worth the find!

Love my eggplant lasagna - oozing with cheese all over my firmish eggplant. Super thick layers of cheese, tomatoes and eggplant, this was lip-smacking good.

Signature crabmeat linguine which indeed lives up to its name.
Anchovies Pasta - a tad salty for our liking
Snapper -the sauces here are most amazing!
Beer Battered Fish and Chips - of which my dad is a fan of. Snapper is used here.
Beef Goulash- this is really good - thick layers of beef chunks in a piquant sauce, and the consistency is almost stew like, most flavourful.
56 chicken - hey this is really really good - the sauce over baked chicken was super tasty with the rice.
Popped over to Ridgewood for haato (5 Ridgewood Close Unit G1) - parked semi-illegally outside the condo. quite a search, but luckily sat in V's car. Shared these with Rous - chocolate banana and sesame.
Rockmelon, Greentea and red bean.

We relived Aussie days with stacko again! and laters to my house to collate photos and mj.


*Harris said...

the 56 chicken looks good, but is it a new addition? i've not heard of it before at big d's.

julie said...

nope! its prob under the asian dishes that damien is offering. but his asian dishes are almost as good as his western, if not better!