Thursday, November 26, 2009

Hatched, Coffee Nations

Morning started off with powerpacked neuros back to back from stroke to gbs to pd ( where it was too obvious why we didnt have the presentation =( ) and latest obsession with the thosai at housemen's, rounded off with insane ideas on bowel prep for buffets (irrigation and catheterization, manual bladder wash out) to laters after butterfingers and reese's about lunching getting full after suntanning (K will win hands down and I'll just wither and decompose =P). After Dr RT's pckd (poor disturbed soul) and Dr T's on his pet topic and another interesting tof and a long convos with my dad's colleague I was off to meet James, with a dead phone and troubling ppl on the way.
Anyway, I suggested either the new roast meats place by La Petit but cos James couldnt find its location online (think its ?Cluny court) but anyway the other place was Hatched (Evans Lodge, 26 Evans Road#01-06), and was somewhere in between tt, sgh, and where we live. Its next to the 24 hours The Prata Place (which was for once, closed in time for Hari Raya Haji!!). And we were wondering who actually stays at Evans Lodge. The Wine Company was next door and was quite lively, with the crowd enjoying the pre-long weekend.

Ordered Poached eggs- one with salmon and the other with corn wagyu beef. And the reason why we have one of each here is cos we requested so! =) My's with potato with onions and a big bunch of salad which James refused to eat so I had a garden to myself...

His with mash potatoes - anyway, we thought that the corn wagyu beef was a little too hard for our liking. But otherwise it was alright, not that mind-blowing- the English muffin was a little too soggy for my liking, love my bread a little more toasty. Somehow J and I always end up at Eggs places like the previous time at Choupinette (boy was it long ago, right after his eopt at tt).
Had to pick mommy (darn that dead phone gotta koop his mrsa infested phone) so after that we then first headed to be wowed by the halloween like lights before trying KPO (crowded with supercars) and trying Laurent's at Robertsons (closing - and forgot coupons !!) and then we landed at Blujazz at Haji Lane (no live music) and FINALLY The Coffee Nations (17 Haji Lane). Here at Hari Raya Haji heh, how lame. Anyway, its super happening, this little cove - had trouble squeezing in between a red Carrera and J was more concerned about it than the one behind =P Smoke pipes everywhere, the sweet aroma is real compelling.
Anyway, must say that this place is a great place to hang out till late(till 1am!) Some people were even boardgaming/carding and its really homely, with signature brews to boast. The owners source coffee beans all over the world and bring in only the best. Was supposed to chill here with K/chong but somehow think this place is a little too far flung!
And the service here is super attentive - they even asked if we wanted water before we started ordering - this despite the fact that the selling point is their drinks and coffee. Excellent service man. Will return to try the Beef Lovers' special (meatballs and sausages!!) and their finger food platter, and of cos their really interesting drinks (spotted some with orange , others with whiskey etc)
Affogato - vanilla in expresso with caramel sauce. It was too tiny a scoop of icecream amidst a really strong bitter brew! But J was sensitized by his whittakers dark choc so this was no challenge. I dun know why I cant power up even with my obsession with soy lattes.
Chocolate lava- this in turn, has a double serving of icecream. No lava in this, but J really liked the texture of this - he feels they got it just right, slightly moist but chocolatey nonetheless. I think I like my brownie grossly drenched in sauce, and as wet and nutty as possible..
We also ordered a signature brew - the Chocolate Rum coffee - no decaff drinks here so we just had this. J is super sensitive to coffee (tachycardia comes almost stat) so we thought the alcohol will negate the coffee effects. This was served with a cinnamon stick - and J gamely used it as a straw when I asked him to....heh. I did it with my Chilli Chocolate Mocha at Oriole previously.
Eventually I did a Macs thing (overturn my ice cream cone into my apple pie = instant Macs apple crumble - which S used to think was rather disturbing and disgusting to watch!! ), and I drenched the remaining expresso in my affogato into the cake. Then eventually I added the Chocolate Rum drink. Final straw, I crushed up the complimentary cookie with the coffee into the affogato cup, added some chocolate rum coffee and added some brownie and it sent me to Food for Thought heaven for a while - the chocolate/expresso/marshmallow brownie there is FRIGGIN AWESOME!!
Anyway, on the way back it was quite philosophical before our usual unwind and chill in the car before zooming home (not before sensible him knocked some sense into flighty self....heh. Reinforcing the lack of plans and mood swings:topics). NO WORK NO SCHOOL! =) Happy Hari Raya everyone!

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