Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Magic Wok, Udders

It was a super long day - void of changes cos the entire afternoon was occupied by ho teaching (with pizza, no less), V's tutorial on jaundice, then J Tan's feedback (with again, free tea time snacks of scones and cakes) and lastly the lumps and bumps which killed us all ending at 7pm. Took along Jacob who was just nua-ing with me in the kopitiam with kevin,jiabin and us three, Kels, Jacob and I went around Novena to search for dinner.

Was deciding between the Hong Kong restaurant, the Peranakan place, or chicken rice when we stumbled into Magic Wok (275 Thomson Road #01-08 Novena Ville) - this place is along the eateries just at the turnoff from Newton. So far I've tried the chicken rice at Wee Nam Kee and the steamboat buffet with my rj class. I always see the branch of Magic Wok at Stamford House next to the City Hall bus stop but never got a chance to try it there.

Mango salad was yums but drenched in sweet sauce.

Tom Yum Seafood was quite milky looking unlike the usual clear/oily soups we are accustomed to. Chunks of fish and squid to go around.

Another super milky green curry which had plenty of eggplant and green tomatoes in it.
The red chilli chicken was good too, though it could do with a greater spicy kick.
What was best was the pineapple rice with plenty of wok hei and a dose of chicken floss to top it all.

Sadly the noodle dishes were not as flavourful - Phad Thai. This was most bland even after vigorous mixing of the chilli powder and the peanuts.

another thicker Phad thai (which tasted almost similar)

At first we were considering the Nasi Padang at Gold hill Plaza (cos Udders was next door to it) but then we went in the opposite direction instead, towards the Hong Kong kitchen. But we still ended up here ! Met Geri whilst we were at Udders (Goldhill Plaza). The flavour I never fail to get: Chocolate Whiskey Java, and Tiramisu.

Kelly's favourite in the other cup - lime umeshu and Mao shan wang. Uber sour!

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