Monday, November 16, 2009

Botak Jones, Frolick, Provence

Marc, Jeremy, Kelly and I the biggest eaters in our group went for the 5 - for -4 offer at Botak Jones (Clementi). Massive.
Anyway, decided to dig up these photos of Botak (I think during Paeds! Why was I so busy then doing what??) cos we went again TODAY (Monday of week 2, gen med..only a ccf lect in the morning with some otot neuros) ! but no more 5 for 4 cos Marc wasn't around went to meet his dear ortho boss and lunched with his parents at the place I missed out. And I didn't bring my camera!!! So part 2 of Botak madness at Youth Park is gonna be sponsored by Kelly's iPhone. We had the same 3 dishes as the top 3 ones in this entry.
Fish and Chips - the breaded fish was most crisp
Cajun Chicken is Jeremy's favourite
Smoked Turkey Sandwich is a new favourite for me! More slabs of meat than the Cold Cut Trio at Subway, defos.
The rojak at the stall next to Botak at Clementi's just your regular ones, if you need a rojak fix (we were greedy =P)
One of the boys drove so they headed straight to school to sleep so Kels and I continued over at Frolick (Holland V) where Kelly had her first taste of it...WE LOVE THE ZOUK ONE FOR ONE! Peach and Original - $1.80 with the zouk card.
Need to kuai kuai go collect my new one so we can max it out at the Cineleisure branch of Frolick! Sure very thirsty after all that popcorn
All our breads at Provence (Holland Village) for the CTS lecture later - Hazel and Chris were in front of us and were most amused....Kaya Wassant, Brazilian Cheese, Chocolate, Milk Pan.
Part 2 of Botak Madness - at Youth Park this time - coming up!
Watched 2012 today too...Makes us ponder if indeed there are contingency plans that governments are planning to save humanity in case of a calamity - and the issue of eugenics in saving who within mankind. Do we forget the many other species sharing this planet?
This kinda corelates to my reading of Thomas Friedman's (Cool surname!) Hot Flat and Crowded and it is amazing how many species are getting extinct every day... and each loss is a tragedy, a loss of a relative to mankind. Take for example, the mammal, the baiji Yangtze dolphin - one of the few freshwater dolphins in the world and are not longer in the waters of the Yangtze River (bless my ignorance, I didn't know dolphins swam in rivers!) Are we gonna do a Joan of Arc feat when calamity strikes, when we cant even save our own kind?
THe book moves on to talk about how humans built a really inefficient environment with the greatest efficiency ever known to man. What will we trade for convenience, connection with our other fellow human beings, and globalisation? It is ironic that we are as estranged to each other more than ever (not to mention other species), resorting to technology for solace. When was the last time you ever saw an eco-system in its entirety, something that is not planned or planted by your government (haha). And to power this race, all our power sources from below the ground- or 'hell' - like coal, fossil fuels are all polluting Mother Earth, and irrenewable, whereas the future should be towards energy sources from 'heavens' - from above ground - clean, renewable sources such as hydroelectric and solar power, and biomass.
Enough about the environment and natural calamities already, Marc and J left us and I walked with Kels to the Prologue - the new Popular at Ion (most surprised in my Chinese books phase), and before that we were rather depressed cos NO MORE A&W ROOT BEAR CREAM SODA !! SCREAMS WHO WIPED IT OUT!!!
Checked out shoes at Cole Han and the other crazy headache inducing shoe shop before we ate the BEST MINI FRIED CHICKENS EVER!! 4 Fingers Bon Bon Chicken, you are my new crave. Laters!

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