Monday, November 30, 2009

Kim's Family, Udders, Allanbakes

Today a nong nong quiz and interesting syncope videos led onto a masala thosai lunch (and marc and I getting tempted about one for one at Forlino's with Women's Weekly!!!!), before some shorts and bleeding (we were......internally =P) before I set off to collect the cake.

Kim's Family (Lorong Kilat) has got to be the find of the year! Been here with James (thank god he tolerated my nonsense when our spanish quest gg), the old CG, Kheng/Nat/Newman, and now finally with the family. And I learnt that making a reservation gets you a place in a separate room in the restaurant. Complimentary sides - whats new here is the coleslaw at the forefront (with fruits!) and this brown slices of ?taukuar which tasted more like fish cakes.

My seafood kimchi soup - plenty of squid galore.
THE AWESOME OCTOPUS FRIED RICE (which my dad thought was too sweet, but I like!!)
Brother was overwhelmed by the Spicy Beef Soup, with the massive od of vegetables and giant beansprouts. So ended up putting it in the middle to share... no guesses who was the happiest
If you like your beef soup a little sweet go for the Bulgogi stew beef (with glass noodles). Generous chunks of beef.
Mom went for the Bibimbap which was rather bland cos you had to add the sweet chilli yourself, and the variety of veg is not as awesome as the Seoul Yummy Express outlet at Food Republic at Suntec (which imho has the best, value for money Bibimbap). No kimchi either. Thats why I suggest a meaty hotplat or soup dish cos there are already so many free flow veggies in the complimentary sides.
Rice cakes are so so super chewy my brother didnt think it was meant for swallowing - still prefer those at Hanseang Korean Restaurant at Square 2 but the sauce here is still nonetheless quite good (and sweet lar, thats why I like!)
Seafood Pancake - I am a big fan of theirs.
Anyway, Udders at Lorong Kilat is doing so extremely well! Poor Frutta La Viva down the road had not a single soul....and we passed by the Korean Fried Chicken......Kels up for it yar??
We were SO FULL we could only pop by Udders to buy 2 pints back. Baileys and orange chocoloate bitters (only cos chocolate whiskey was too expensive)
Allanbakes' White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake - as creamy as ever but a mixup meant double this. Dun know where the dude is moving to after Village Square goes man.

So now I have 2 cakes and 2 pints of icecream. My fridge is so congested Its blocking the lights of the fridge.


ice said...

Kim's look awesome.

His Food Blog said...

The Octopus Fried Rice and Seafood Pancake look really delicious!

Perhaps its time to pay them a visit.

julie said...

Yes! Both of those dishes are my top 2 favourites and i must always order them when I'm there...

Hello ice, its quite an experience dining at Kim's! pretty authentic...