Monday, November 2, 2009

Va va voom & Halloween

Met Pam and Carol at Va Va Voom (36 Seah Street) on a very rainy Saturday post rehearsal when it was stormy as hell, and Pam just came from Arts House having just attended the writers fest...all we wanted was a big bowl of steaming hot soup and this was where we landed up at. This has got to be my favourite Vietnamese food place ever.
We started off with the Mango salad, which is actually really fresh and not drenched in sauce like the Thai ones I've had of late. The last time I came here with James, we only had mains cos he doesn't eat raw vegetables so the salad rolls and this was out of our options.
Pam and I both tried the spicy hue ($6.80)- which is basically Pho with a tom yum twist, with thick beehon instead of the pho noodles. There's plenty of sliced tender beef, and the soup is really hearty and tangy, slightly different from the original pho which I had with James.
We hung out at the Starbucks at Cityhall - which is 24 hours now, btw! - whilst I had my Dark Mocha Frap...there're the christmasy flavours now like the toffee nut latte (which tastes alot like the caramel frap), and the cherry dark mocha. All the takeaway cups are also christmasy...oh my cant believe Xmas is just round the corner already...
Went to the Zouk Halloween party with Chong and it was Villain Ville, where the podiums became prison cages and only girls were allowed inside...
The Chinese vampires jumped around orderly in a row whilst following the master welding his bell.. it was hilarious 2 years ago when the same characters hopped simultaneously everytime they moved down the snaking queue outside Zouk..
See me or see me not?
Went over to Clarke Quay Macs for the highlight of our night, the Macs breakfast! Then pranced around Zirca chasing down some more interesting characters (thanks for the run, Chong!). And thanks to security for being so nice allowing my old garage spot =) mistaken sleeping valet man....
We caught some bits of Poker King at Cineleisure, before catching the Subaru people at Taka ( 95!!!) It was around 17 hours then...and 20 minutes to their break, at day break at 7 am ish. Bless their tired feet, growling stomachs and wandering minds. Last year's record was 81 minutes man...madness.
The Taka fountain holds some dancing memories whilst we zoomed down to Botanics - the Evans road entrance has a new Botany Building - complete with a food court and some facilities..
The uncle was totally totally zen...
Some new art pieces..
Why the fake flowers I do not understand..
Fallen tree into the Swan Lake when it started to drizzle already..
My new babies!!

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