Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Botak Jones and 4 Fingers Bonchon Chicken, courtesy of K's iPhone

This post is courtesy of Kel's iPhone...most of my thoughts are in the previous post.
It was a cloudy day (threatening to rain) when Kels and J went to get tickets to 2012 and I met them at Botak Jones (Youth Park, Orchard). Plenty of birds flying around Youth Park, sometimes swooping damn near us, but still quite breezy and pleasant to have a meal. Will try the Philipino food next door the next time round! The meats look damn awesome.
Massive with 4 slices of cheese. With potato salad and cheese mash.
Fish and Chips =)
J's favourite Cajun chicken. Pasta salad, fries.
Free chocolate cake courtesy of Jeremy's loyalty card... Will only eat if it's free.
Anyway, the sides here are of quite miserable proportions, compared to the Clementi branch. The workers at the next table though, had towering proportions (upsized?) and left so much pasta behind!! So much that it was probably the same amout we got before we started eating.
Met Marc at level 4 and the disaster started cos we first got the venue mixed up, and then we lost the tickets to 2012! First step to recovery was when we found 4 tickets at the counter but they were not ours, and the second was J ran down to find them.... but i think even if you lose them, you can still let them know and they might let you in (i think absent minded me had such an incident before). My thoughts on the show in the previous post.
Mad shopping frenzy buying shoes and bag for mommy and highlight of the day as below...
Presenting the 4 Fingers Bonchon Chicken (Ion Orchard, Basement 4) !!! 3 Soy garlic and 3 Hot and Spicy ($9.95 combo set)- drumlets or wings of your choice. This is the 6 piece combo set. The hot and spicy has much more kick to it, and the skin in phwoah! most crisp, tasty to the bone.
Calamari and Prawn combo set. ($6.95 Combo set)The batter went better with the chicken though.

The fries are really awesome! The straight cut fries with some seasoning sprinkled atop, freshly fried on order. Sauces were self service- there was the thai chilli sauce and a ?mustard.

And according to their official website (according to Kelly, stat), your fingers are not supposed to be sticky cos the sauce adheres to the chicken skin damn well!

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