Monday, November 23, 2009

Laurent Bernard Chocolatier, Playhouse

Mag, Yiks and I took off after morning rehearsals - supposed to start at 11am but nothing happened till lunch, when an insipid DeliF's smoked salmon sandwich did no justice to the day's work, and we had to scot off somewhere for some good coffee and icecream. So we packed into Yiks car and zoomed to Portsdown Road, where we had a really luxurious tea break (whilst the rest Sub-ed!) at Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar ( 5B Portsdown Road #01-02 Wessex Village Square)
We loved that we started the tea break with some complimentary chocolate pieces in the cold room =) whilst Laurent the man actually came out to make conversation (or check on us =P)

Blackforest cake, really light with a thick layer of cream, and raspberry puree, with bits of chocolate lightly dusted above.

Chocolate tart - a Ferrero Rocher compressed neatly into a pastry that disappears half as fast..
Chocolate and Caramel icecream

The waitresses got the order wrong (we wanted coffee icecream) so we got a complimentary scoop of coffee icecream. Loved the thick caramel icecream here though, the chocolate and caramel melts to form a really sweet sludge that we savoured right at the end.
Coffee icecream, tasting like a frozen creamy form of the illy's double expresso that Mag ordered ie extremely bitter. Poor babe had a mini concussion after that from the chocolate and coffee od.
Plenty of overlaps from last year's playhouse with huilin as my double, my sluts getting cut off, except that this year instead of a mini fight choreography there was the zeng tambourine dance - thanks to grann and mummy for making time to come by!
And today was the day I od-ed on Macs - for supper at West Coast and for breakfast with Chongs and soft serve od too =P bad face injury made great excuses at butter, no doubt.

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