Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Itacho Sushi Round 2

Round 2 dinner at Itacho Sushi (B3, Ion Orchard), this time with the sister's birthday.
Roasted egg, warm. Absolutely love these thick chunks of layered sweet omelette.

They call these sushi rolls battleships (or was it warships...). Salmon spring rolls, Sakura rolls with Cheese and avocado, Roast Salmon rolls. I thought that the sakura ones were the most interesting, for the shrimps were crisp - a lovely contrast with the melted cheese and avocado. Taste wise of cos I loved the roast salmon rolls.
This was more a visual sight to behold...This is the scallop rolls but we still couldnt figure out those red twines around the sushi rolls.
Fish roe, Spicy salmon, fatty tuna with onion. Brings back some memories of the endless pinky fatty tuna with onion at the sushi buffet at International Plaza.
There was a 50 % discount on salmon sushi. Repeat orders for the jumbo scallop and zaru shell.
Roasted tuna was a great twist - slightly smoked and raw beneath... Also on 50 % discount.
Eel was as long and yummy as usual, totally worth it for $6
Chawan Mushi was swimming with crab meat too! Real crab, no less.
Home made warm beancurd ($5) in short, is a plain savoury tau huay.
Happy birthday mei mei!

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