Friday, November 13, 2009


Quiznos has opened in Square 2 and is reason for cheer, siping at ttsh =)

Cheese steak with Kelly. The parmesan bread is damn awesome.
Smoked turkey with ranch. This meal was with Sharlene, and my old CG mates Jon Chris and KS. Love the meat in this sandwich.
Had the honey buorbon chicken sandwich and this is -_- compared to the rockin top two. This was with Peiyun and Mark and Sharl, along with all the other hos whom we were separated from. Had this only cos it was on 50 % off but I'd stay far away from any chicken sandwich normally, and this just reinforces it.


Cyndi said...

Hello! I'm new at bloggin & I was just browsing! when I saw your quiznos entry! I had to say that I'm a huge fan! [ = Have a good weekend

julie said...

yup love the toasty meaty sandwiches! thanks for dropping by!